Our Personal Dating Site is very busy matchmaking like-minded ladies and gentlemen.

So many single people are working from home now and not socialising therefore not having the chance to meet new single people. It is a proven fact that 65% of singles people meet in the work place so all of these opportunities are now lost as people are isolated at home.

Our Personal Match Making service will introduce you to many single people in your area, people with similar backgrounds and hopes and expectations for the future.

Match Making services, Dating sites & Personal Introduction Agencies have been very busy indeed over the last few months. Single people have felt alone and realised that now is the time to address loneliness and find someone special.

Life is so much better shared, a holiday, dinner for two, a romantic walk through a forest or along a deserted beach – these things are rarely enjoyed alone. So call Eleanor at Across the Room Personal Match Making service to find out how you can turn your love life around and find a new partner!

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