Across the Room

Terms and Conditions

Across The Room Terms & Conditions

1. Name – The name of the club is “Across The Room” (“the Club”)

2. Objects – The objects of the Club are to hold social functions for, and make introductions between unattached people.

3. Proprietor – The Club is a proprietary club, the proprietor of which is Eleanor de Goni-Parks of Doves Barn, Stowmarket Road, Badley, Suffolk, IP6 8RJ

4. Management – The general management of the affairs of the club in all matters is under entire control of, and is conducted by, the Proprietor or the appointed representative or successor of the Proprietor.

5. Membership and Admission

5.1 Membership of the Club is at the sole discretion of the Proprietor and is by invitation only. 

5.2 Admission is subject to the acceptance of the Club rules and such terms and conditions as to payment or otherwise as the Proprietor determines from time to time.

5.3 A member of the Club can be a Social Member or a One2One Dating Member or both.

5.4 All Memberships start and the obligations of this contract become binding upon receipt of payment all memberships are plus vat.

5.5. Members may not transfer their membership without the consent of the Proprietor

One2One Members; Founder / Goldstar / Silver / Bronze

The maximum number of introductions will be at the Proprietor’s discretion.

6. The fee for the One2One Membership is such sum as the Proprietor determines from time to time and is non refundable.  Any deposit paid is also non refundable.

7.  Although each Member completes an application form, each One2One Member is interviewed by a representative of the Club prior to admission as a Member.  The club does not undertake any further investigation and shall not be liable in respect of any matter, which would have been revealed by further investigation.

7.1  In accordance with the Data Protection Act, we only obtain a limited amount of personal information as provided by the client. Across The Room cannot accept any liability for undisclosed criminal history that the client has not revealed at the time of interview.

7.1.a. One2One members agree that their profile may be disclosed to other persons for the purpose of effecting an introduction between them.

7.1.b. The Member explicitly consents under Article 9 of the GDPR to the storing and processing of special category data as defined by the GDPR (personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, genetic data, biometric data, health, sex life or sexual orientation) and that such data may appear in their profile.

7.2  Except insofar as such liability cannot be excluded by law the Proprietor shall have no liability for the action omissions or behaviour of the Members of the Club.

8. A One2One Member shall be entitled to notify the Proprietor that they do not require any further introductions for the time being and once so notified the Proprietor shall be under no obligation to provide introductions until notified that the One2One Member wishes to receive such again. The number of introductions the Proprietor is obliged to make under these rules shall be reduced by one for each period of two months during which the One2One Member has indicated the wish not wish to receive introductions.

8.1. Once a One2One Member has received their minimum guaranteed introductions, the Proprietor is entitled still to make further introductions unless requested by the member to cease.

8.2. The Proprietor shall use reasonable endeavours to select the appropriate introduction for a One2One Member taking into account the Member’s sex, age, attitude to smoking and other factors but shall not be under any obligation to provide introductions which comply in all respects with the requirements contained in the Member’s application form providing such introductions appear otherwise reasonably suited.

8.3. Across the Room cannot accept responsibility for any event, act or accident arising from an introduction that has been provided by us.

8.4. Once a member has instructed us to commence work on their behalf and all fees have been paid, we will immediately work for each member from this point onwards. The contract will begin and the matching process will be activated and no refund will be made.

8.6. You are welcome to call your consultant at any time if you wish to discuss any aspect of your membership. If you feel you need any extra support or guidance it is your responsibility to make contact with the office.

8.7. If a One2One Member feels that their requirements have not been correctly understood they are welcome to contact the office to discuss the matter and to adjust their requirements accordingly.

8.8. To ensure the best possible number of matches, Across the Room may at its discretion conduct a head hunting service for potential partners from outside the agency. N.B. some head hunted members may be retained on a reduced rate.

8.9.  If a member changes the search criteria for the type of person they are looking for, Across the Room may not be able to guarantee the minimum number of introductions.  No refund will be made in these circumstances.

8.10.  By signing the application form One2One members consent to their contact details being supplied to other members in order to effect an introduction.

8.11. The allocation of introductions for a member shall be concluded when the minimum agreed number of introductions has been reached or the end of the membership period, whichever occurs first.

8.12.  Across the Room will use reasonable endeavours to achieve the minimum agreed number of introductions within the membership period, but the Member acknowledges this may be curtailed by the number of other members who match the criteria set by the Member.  If the Member feels this situation may arise it is their responsibility to raise the matter with the office in plenty of time.


8.13. Profiles of members are supplied to other members in confidence and members undertake not to disclose any details of any other member to any other person, body or organisation.

8.14. If a member does not intend to pursue an introduction to another member, the details of the other member must not be retained.

8 14. Process

Searching and Matching (One2One members)

The One2One membership term shall be twelve months unless a different membership term has been agreed in advance.

Searching and matching takes place every 12 to 14 days or at such interval as determined by the Proprietor, beginning on the approval of the member’s profile.  There is no guarantee that the search results will yield any suitable matches on any particular occasion. If suitable matches are found, one or two of these will be offered to the member on whose behalf the search is being carried out.

Once the minimum agreed number of profiles for the relevant membership level have been offered to a member, the Proprietor may offer further matches but shall not be under any obligation to do so.

“Unlimited” matches, where applicable, means that searching and matching will be carried out at the usual interval and as described above, but there is no limit to the number of matches offered within the member’s One2One membership term.

For all membership levels, searching and matching will come to an end at the conclusion of the One2One membership term.

Singles Social Events Membership

9.  There is a per event fee for each social event.

10. The registration fee for admission to the Social Club is non-refundable, the initial fee for admission to the Social Membership is such as the Proprietor determines from time to time.

11. Attendance at Functions

11.1 No Social Member shall be entitled to attend a Club function unless the appropriate payment has been made in full, in advance to the Proprietor in accordance with the Booking Conditions notified to the Social Member.

11.2 The number of members attending Club functions may be limited and acceptance of a Social Member’s booking application is at the sole discretion of the Proprietor.

11.3 Accommodation rates (if quoted) are correct at time of print and may be subject to change.  Across the Room has no control over accommodation availability or rates set by individual venues.

11.4 Across the Room holds social functions for all age groups. All tables are age banded however the Club cannot be held responsible for the mixture of age groups that book into any given event. We use reasonable endeavours to achieve equal numbers, but cannot be held responsible for precise equality or late cancellations.

11.5 No member can attend an Across the Room event unless they have agreed to our terms and conditions. Terms & conditions must be signed and returned to head office at Doves Barn, however upon receipt of payment for the joining fee, members commit themselves to abide by Across the Room’s terms & conditions and no refund can be made.

11.6 Across the Room Social Events are varied and are tailored to individual tastes. The club cannot be held responsible if a member books and attends an event which they later find unsuitable to their personal preferences. Refunds cannot be offered once a member has attended an event.

12. The Club cannot accept any responsibility for any loss, theft of property, personal damage or injury affecting a member or visitor to a Club function.

12.1. The Club cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused by a member. Members must take full responsibility for any damage that they cause at an Across the Room Venue.

12.2. The Club cannot be held responsible for the amount of alcohol consumed by a member or visitor to a Club function and whether or not that person is over the legal limit to drive.

12.3. Social Members are not required to attend a formal interview to join Across the Room, however, they may visit the office to discuss any aspect of the Club if they so wish.

14. Social Event membership of Across the Room is a lifetime membership and members remain on the register unless they request to be removed.  Whilst on the register, membership can be re-activated at any time for the payment of an administration fee.

15. Visitors

The Club is a membership organisation but reserves the right at its absolute discretion to invite individuals or members of other organisations to any of its social functions on a per occasion basis.  Such visitors must conduct themselves in accordance with the rules of the Club.

Cessation of Membership

A member ceases to be a member of the Club:

16. By notification to the Proprietor; or

16.1 Due to any expulsion due to breach of the rules and regulations of the Club.

16.2 On any such dates as may be notified to the Member by the Proprietor for the time being as the date that the Club shall cease to exist.

17. Conduct

The Proprietor may suspend or expel from membership any member:

17.1. who acts in breach of the rules or regulations of the Club; or

17.2. whose conduct is prejudicial to the interest of the Club or its members or in the opinion to the Proprietor renders them unfit for membership.

17.3. Any unruly behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban from all further events.

18. The member warrants that:

– they are of sound mind and body.

– they are unattached and free to form a relationship.

– they do not have a criminal record and have never used prohibited substances.

– the information they have provided is true and accurate in all respects.

18.1. Across the Room reserves the right to terminate this agreement without notice and without refund of fees if:

– it transpires that any information supplied by the member is untrue, inaccurate or in any way misleading.

– the behaviour of the member is not of the high standard which the Club expects or if the member commits any breach of these conditions.


The Proprietor may from time to time revoke, vary, add or alter the rules of the Club and is the sole authority for interpreting the rules and for settling all disputes relating to the affairs of the Club and the conduct of members.

19. Interpretation of these rules:

19.1. References to the masculine include the feminine and where appropriate the singular the plural.

19.2. The headings are for ease of reference only and are not to be taken into account in their interpretation.

19.3. “Introduction” means the supply to a One2One Member of the contact details of another Member of the Club, whether or not contact is actually made.

19.4. In the event that any clause of this agreement shall be held to be unenforceable in whole or in part, the remainder of the clause and all other clauses shall remain in full effect.

19.5.  Any technical or human administrative error shall not give rise to any entitlement of refund.

20. Disclaimer

Across The Room facilitates introductions between members based on information provided by both parties and cannot be held responsible for the outcome of any meeting or relationship or future relationship resulting from undisclosed information. It is recommended that initial meetings are arranged in a public place. It must be understood that each profile is compiled solely on the information provided and agreed by the client, hence Across The Room cannot accept any responsibility for any inaccuracies or errors in a client’s profile.

The Club and the Member agree that each party to this Agreement shall not, either directly or indirectly, at any time during the period of the Agreement or thereafter, make, publish, transmit or communicate to any person or entity or internet site or other forum any disparaging or derogatory remarks, comments or statements concerning either the Club, its employees or representatives or the Member or the performance of this Agreement which would reasonably be expected to lead to unwanted or unfavourable publicity for the Club its employees or representatives or the Member whether or not those remarks, comments or statements represent honestly held beliefs of either party.

Members undertake not to publish any material which may bring Across the Room, its staff, associates or members into disrepute.

Any breach of this clause by one party shall entitle the other party to seek damages and or injunctive relief.  For the avoidance of doubt, this clause shall not restrict the legal rights under common law, contract or statute, of either party to commence or defend any legal proceedings arising from a breach or alleged breach of the Agreement. 

By signing this Agreement, both parties acknowledge that this clause has been sufficiently brought to their respective attention.

21.  Request to commence provision of the service immediately

Upon joining the Club the member instructs Across the Room to commence work on their behalf immediately and waives the cancellation rights cooling off period.

22. Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are governed by English Law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.